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Why it’s my job to ask “stupid” questions

When I’m writing content for people, they’re often surprised by the questions I ask. Some are so simple as to be verging on being “stupid” questions – to them, what I’m asking seems obvious.

But that’s just the point. Just because something is obvious to you, doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone. And here – and you’ve heard me say it before – it’s all about the audience. What do they need to know? What knowledge of the topic do they have?

When we’re steeped in a subject, you see, we make assumptions about what’s obvious. To you, who works in a particular field every day, something might seem glaringly obvious. The “cold” reader, however, may disagree. And that’s why it’s my job to ask questions on their behalf – because it’s my job to walk in their shoes and ensure they have all the information they need to understand the content I’m writing.

So if anyone wants me, I’ll be over here, drafting my next list of stupid questions.


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