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Why that slew of emails doesn’t equal communication

I’ve been dealing with a company in order to have some promotional material printed, and while I get emails from them about all kinds of things, I’m so frustrated with their communication that I’m cancelling my order.

Too many companies confuse answering emails with communication – as paradoxical as that might sound. What do I mean?

Well, they reply to my emails, mostly. But when they do, they don’t answer the questions I have asked, or address my concerns. Everything is boilerplated to within an inch of its life, and it’s obvious, every time, that the person typing the email has not read what I have written.

So they’re losing the order – despite the fact that I’ve paid a deposit that probably won’t be refunded. And I’ll be telling anyone who’ll listen to avoid them in future.

The business world is a competitive place – make sure those people in your organisation who are dealing with your customers have tip-top communication skills – written and oral – and that they don’t inadvertently chase away people who were more than willing to buy your products or services.


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