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Use this journalism trick to grab your readers’ attention

If you want to craft great content, take a tip from journalism and spend a lot of time writing the introductory paragraph of your piece. Write it well enough, and the rest of the piece will be easy.

The intro is crucial – the headline is the first hook, but if that intro doesn’t deliver on the promise of the headline, readers will soon be clicking onto the next thing. You have fewer than 10 seconds to grab the average reader’s attention.

So, what does a great intro do?

  • It sums up the story so well that if you read nothing else, you have the basics.
  • It entices you to read paragraph two by withholding some information.
  • It makes one clear point.
  • It does all of this in 30 words or so.

Simple – but not easy. It takes a lot of practice, but it’s well worth the effort to get the engagement you need.


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