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In Plain Sight (2020) (Pants on Fire Publishing)

Maggie McGowan has what seems to be the perfect life. But she’s unsettled, restless, drifting without purpose. Her kids are fairly self-sufficient; her house and garden are immaculate, and if she’s honest, she’s bored and feeling like she’s lost herself completely. When Maggie reconnects on Facebook with someone from her student days, however, a secret she has kept for decades will set in motion a chain of events that will turn her whole life – and that of her family – upside-down.

Available for purchase in Kindle or PDF.

The Top Two Inches (2017) (Sports IQ)
Written in conjunction with psychologist Dr Garrath Rosslee, this book pulls together all the scattered research into sports intelligence, including Dr Rosslee’s own research, and introduces a long overdue single theory that attempts to pin down exactly what it is that makes good athletes great. The best news is – sports intelligence can be learnt and put into practice by athletes at any level. Available for purchase here.

Dad Goes to School (2016) (Quramo Publishing)
Nandi’s classmates get the surprise of their lives when they meet their new classmate: Nandi’s daddy! This is a fun – and funny – story, beautifully illustrated, and aimed at kindergarten children who struggle to separate from their parents when they arrive at school in the morning. Longlisted for the Golden Baobab Picture Book Prize in 2013. Available for purchase here.

Dinner time! (2014) (Clockwork Books)
This is not your usual recipe book. In fact, it’s less of a recipe book and more of a family feeding plan that takes the guesswork out of planning and cooking family dinners. With weekly grocery lists and pared-back recipes, you’ll soon be producing dinner every night with the minimum of bother, with meals designed to please the whole family – even the fussiest of eaters. Available for purchase as an ebook or print copy here.

Partners for Possibility (2015) (Knowledge Resources)
This is the compelling story of what can happen when you think in terms of possibility instead of deficiency. It’s the story of what happens when people say ‘yes’. This book tells the story of Partners for Possibility, an organisation that has brokered groundbreaking partnerships between business leaders and school principals, partnerships that continue to reap astonishing results in the schools they are working in. It’s the inspiring story of an organisation dedicated to changing South Africa’s ailing education system one school at a time. Available for purchase here.

Good Teeth (2006) (New Holland)
Looking after your teeth is important for both health and beauty reasons. This book tells you everything you need to know about having the healthiest, most attractive smile possible. Available for purchase here.