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Sticking to the script

Look, I know you like to ensure your key messaging is going out exactly the way you crafted it, but if it’s annoying your clients, that’s counter-productive. Remember that communication isn’t just about what you say – it’s about what the receiver on the other end of the communication hears too. Scripting responses – whether
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Come, let me tell you a story

No doubt you’ve heard of corporate storytelling, but what does that really mean? Well, it means to use story techniques in an organisation to deliver business outcomes – and it’s something that can transform your reports, emails, presentations and even more strategic documents. Why story techniques? Well, because stories are an ancient form of communication
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Case study: When internal comms go bad

Internal communication is often treated like Cinderella – banished below stairs to do the grunt work while external communication gets to go to the ball. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of people in companies, with the focus turning to the “human” in “human resources”, and with that comes a vital piece: how you communicate
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I’ll ask the questions, capisce?

I spend a fair amount of time giving feedback on documents like company profiles and brochures, and the commonest mistake I see is a complete disregard for the hapless person who’s likely to receive it. Don’t get me wrong, they all look beautiful – big pictures, flashy headings, infographics, and stellar descriptions of the team,
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Your all-access pass to great content writing

So, you’ve hired a writer straight from advertising school. They have all the right credentials, they show great promise, and you think you’ll start them off on the company blog. You set reasonable deadlines, you think – a blog a week – you give them some topic ideas and breif them, and send them off
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Why your announcement isn’t news

A lot of press releases come to me for review with this opening sentence: “Large Corporation X today announced that …” And here’s the thing: an announcement is not news. Companies announce things all the time. The thing you’re announcing? That’s the news. Take the announcement out of it. You save on words, and gain
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3 surefire ways to shorten sentences

Do you want to hear my three top tips for shortening sentences? Oh, well, here they are anyway. 😉 1. Cut out irrelevant words and information. Be brutal. You don’t need those filler phrases, and you should only be communicating the most important information. 2. Break up long sentences into smaller parts. Learn to love
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How to take people for a ride

I was recently asked to review a complex business proposal that contained – supposedly – an elevator pitch. It came with a plea for help – the writer was struggling to cut it down from a page and a half, to a page, and I had to explain, as kindly as possible, that there was
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