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Why you need an outsider to review your content

I review a great many speeches, reports, media releases and statements, and strategy documents straight from the C-suite at large companies, and the same problem keeps cropping up. Basically, people are too close to the subject at hand, and can’t always see the assumptions they’re making. A CEO’s speech I reviewed recently, for example, contained
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No, I won’t write that

I’ll write most things – I have written most things. But with apologies to Meat Loaf, there are some writing requests I get, that make me sing: “… but I won’t write that”. Usually these fall into the category of other people wanting me to do the intellectual work they should be doing – I’ve
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Digital isn’t different – your audience still wants quality content

I have a colleague who’s noticed an interesting thing – his Gen Z kids don’t distinguish between digital and traditional media. To them it’s all media, and those of us in the business of content need to take note. Consumers aren’t worrying about where they read or watch something. They simply consume the content, and
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