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I’ll ask the questions, capisce?

I spend a fair amount of time giving feedback on documents like company profiles and brochures, and the commonest mistake I see is a complete disregard for the hapless person who’s likely to receive it.

Don’t get me wrong, they all look beautiful – big pictures, flashy headings, infographics, and stellar descriptions of the team, but they are very, very thin on content, and some fundamentals are missing.

  • Some require you to flip through two or three pages of pure heading to get to the content.
  • Some don’t actually say what the company’s products or services are. Anywhere.
  • They’re almost always several pages long when they could be two or three.
  • They don’t convey a sense of the value the business adds or the problem it solves.

The trouble is, they are either outsourced to agencies that don’t take the time to truly understand the business, but are all about making things look great. Or they are put together entirely in-house, when people are so entrenched in the business, that they can’t see the wood for the trees – they assume too much.

Can you guess what I’m going to suggest? Can you? Can you?

That’s right – hire me! Or someone like me… No, actually, scrap that. You need me.


Because I take the time to truly understand what you do and who you’re trying to attract. My background as a journalist means I have the skill to ask incisive questions and extract that information from you – gently, I promise. I don’t always resort to, um, more extreme measures. 😉

Plus, as an editor, I am skilled at being a “cold” reader. In other words, I am trained to put myself in the shoes of someone who doesn’t necessarily understand your business and ensure that by the time they’ve finished reading what you’ve written, they understand completely. I’ll ask the questions they might ask to clarify things and ensure your communication hits home.

Don’t hire someone like me. There’s no one like me! Bring me on board and I’ll make your communication sing. My inbox awaits your cry for help.


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