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Case study: When internal comms go bad

Internal communication is often treated like Cinderella – banished below stairs to do the grunt work while external communication gets to go to the ball.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of people in companies, with the focus turning to the “human” in “human resources”, and with that comes a vital piece: how you communicate with your employees. Your values, purpose and mission statement mean nothing, if your culture and communication are telling a different story. So it pays to craft that communication, or it may not have the desired effect.

In addition, there’s always a risk that your internal communication will be leaked – and that means it also becomes external communication, whether you like it or not, and a reputational risk.

So here’s a brief case study – with names changed to protect the guilty – of an internal memo that was leaked to the media and widely circulated. Let’s start by looking at the original, warts and all.

I have taken the liberty of doing a bit of an analysis on this memo. So first, let’s look at the problems, and how I would critique a piece of communication like this.

”Okay, Collins,” I hear you say. “It’s all very well to pull something apart, but how do I fix it?”

Well, you keep it short, straight, and simple, and most of all human. And you get straight to the point – like this:

Can I help you to produce communication like this? Absolutely. I bring the benefit of an experienced eye, and importantly, I’m an outsider – so I’m not blinded by assumptions about company culture, or what people know or don’t know. I read that communication as a “cold” reader, and help you to make sure that it lands properly, and is understood accurately. Plus, you can absolutely learn how to do this – and I can teach you how.

So if you want to start communicating with clout to everyone your business talks to, maybe it’s time to get in touch so we can figure out exactly how I can help you.


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