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Too many content cooks …

Illustration by AJ van den Heever

Pee Arrs, gather round – let’s talk proofreading quickly.

Media releases are often a bit of a “production by committee” undertaking. Typically, a broad strokes brief is given, someone writes the piece, and then one or more others chip in. A release may go through several rounds of this, with people tweaking it at every stage.

It is vital, therefore, that before you press “send” that you let someone do a final, final, final proofread.


Because every time someone works with that document, errors may be introduced. People have different writing styles, for one. But words may be deleted by accident, letters can be accidentally inserted into the middle of words, people transpose numbers, dates are incorrect, there are double full stops or other punctuation errors. There may even be content repetition.

There are all kinds of stupid errors that happen. And that’s okay.

What’s not okay, is not doing a final check to ensure everything is ship-shape. It makes you look sloppy and unprofessional.

A delay of five minutes for someone skilled to proofread your release will always be worth it to protect your client’s reputation.

The world will not stop turning while you wait. And you’ll put out a better product.


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