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No, I won’t write that

I’ll write most things – I have written most things. But with apologies to Meat Loaf, there are some writing requests I get, that make me sing: “… but I won’t write that”.

Usually these fall into the category of other people wanting me to do the intellectual work they should be doing – I’ve had requests to write speeches for school children, and even a master’s thesis for one guy. Just lately I had a submission from an author for “editing” who wanted me to describe certain aspects of Johannesburg’s scenery as well as a song better for him – because he couldn’t quite find the words he neede. He “helpfully” provided a link so I could listen to the song on YouTube for inspiration.

So no, I won’t write that. And I won’t write your “thought leadership” piece either if you aren’t going to provide the thoughts that purport to do the leading.

Why? Because I can’t get inside your head. I can’t research your experience, your unique take on things. Only you can share that knowledge.

So we’ll talk. I’ll use all the skills I picked up as a journalist, and I’ll extract that information from your brain. And once we’ve chatted through what your take is, I will write it up into a well-structured, carefully crafted, cogent piece.

But I can’t be you. You have to participate.

So if you’d like to save the world from hearing my Meat Loaf impression – and let’s face it, you should – get in touch. Whether it’s thought leadership you’re after, or something else, you can just drop me a line to start the conversation.


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