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Seven seconds

In seven seconds you can butter two slices of bread. You can do five push-ups. You can make your bed. You can tie your shoes.

Seven seconds. That’s all the time you have to grab the reader, listener or watcher’s attention when it comes to your content.

Whether you’re making a video, drafting an email, planning a presentation, putting together a report, writing a blog post or heaven forbid, adding yet another podcast to the world, those first seven seconds are crucial.

So get to the point. Get there fast. Leave the blathering on about your company’s history, or the method you used to get your results, or the provenance of your favourite recipe, or the background to your email . The people who are really interested will get there if you move that stuff to the end.

In seven seconds you can lose them. Or you can hook them. I can help you do more of the second.


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