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3 Ways To Give Your Business Writing The Ring Of Truth

Photo by Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash

We take great care with our appearance in the business world – from the way we dress and decorate our offices, to the design of our logos and corporate branding.

We don’t always take the same care with our words. And yet, the way we present ourselves and our business in written communication is a vital part of branding.

What you’re aiming for is authenticity – both in your dealings with customers and clients, and in the way you communicate. Here are three ways to do that:

  1. Stop trying to sound smart: just be clear and direct. Stop looking up bigger words in the thesaurus, and discard all those business buzzwords. Keep it simple.
  2. Be honest – if you really want engagement, drop the façade. Emotions do have a place in business, and vulnerability can be a great strength.
  3. Use your words to build a community. Share and engage, don’t sell. Connect with your reader. Decide what you want them to gain from your written communication, and angle it towards that goal.

Remember – every word you write that leaves your office, has an impact on your brand. Is that impact going to be positive or negative? You decide.


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