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Get to the point, dammit!

If there’s a small child in your life – either your own or one you’re acquainted with, you’ll know that they can be the worst storytellers. “Last Tuesday… or was it Wednesday? No, wait… it was Thursday. Thursday afternoon. And I was at school with Luke, and you won’t believe what we did! We were
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30×30 webinars: the line-up

After the success of the pilot 30×30 webinar, I’ve decided I’ll do five more, and then reassess. In case you don’t know what 30×30 means, these are 30-minute webinars priced at just R30 per participant – the price of a latte for me, essentially. And to try and keep them as accessible as possible, I’ve
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7 reasons freelancers and solopreneurs could help your business survive

There’s a lot of talk about pivoting and agility right now as businesses struggle to keep afloat amid lockdowns and revenue streams that have either dwindled or outright disappeared. In addition to talking only to traditional business consultants – whose expertise relies on the very economic models that have now collapsed – why not also
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Turn-taking in online meetings

One of the important aspects of learning to speak, is not just to form the words, but to learn a vital skill called turn-taking. As we first start using our words, we also have to learn whose turn it is to speak in a conversation – and we do this by observing a number of
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Crunch time for internal comms

A few weeks in to the Covid-19 crisis, external communications teams have run out of platitudes. They’ve pledged support to the measures in place to contain the virus, assured their clients of their continued service with additional hygiene measures where applicable, communicated any changes in the way they will interface with customers, scenario-planned for messaging
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The five-sentence rule

If you want to write emails that people actually read, make them no longer than five sentences. Anything more than that, and you need some other form of communication – an old-fashioned call perhaps, or a meeting. People are so overwhelmed by email that they don’t even scroll down to read the lower paragraphs anymore.
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