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Before you decide to do a newsletter…

So, you’ve decided your company needs a newsletter. You’d like to connect with your clients and customers, keep them updated about innovations or changes at your firm, and you think a newsletter would tick several of those boxes. I’ve worked with several companies on their newsletters, and we always run up against the same obstacles.
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Writing Short

“I’m sorry this letter is so long; I didn’t have time to write a short one,” is a quote variously attributed to Cicero, Blaise Pascal and Mark Twain. Whoever said it hit the nail on the head – writing something short that has both impact and depth of content is much more difficult than banging
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How Poor Internal Communications Are Damaging Your Brand

So you’ve spent squillions on branding. You have a top agency, your brand identity is beautiful, everything is designed to within an inch of its life, and your PR and marketing and various digital platforms are vetted and checked at every possible point. Sorted, right? Wrong. Your internal communications need just as much work, or
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