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When you’re stuck in a content rut

Producing content to market your business can be exhausting – you’re constantly having to come up with new ideas to say the same thing, essentially, and there’s never any end in sight. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re stuck in a content rut, and not getting the engagement you want. 1. Could
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Flags and boundaries

It’s 4.53pm on the day before a public holiday. I get a call from the HR person at a prospective client. They want two things from me: an exploratory meeting with some of their senior managers on the public holiday, and a copy of my CV. I point out that it’s a public holiday, and
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Make it easy

I’m no design expert, but I do know about reading – and about people. And I know that we read more than we’ve ever been expected to read, and that most of us are overloaded with content – from social media, outdoor advertising, lamp poles, the cereal box. It seems impossible to escape. Which is
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Try This One Weird Trick To Write Better

If I could give you just one tip to improve your day-to-day writing, it would be this: give yourself permission to write badly. Bad writing, you see, can be fixed. That’s how we get to good writing – we write badly, and then we craft it till it’s good. A blank page, however, is no
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Why generic company narratives don’t do the job

I am often involved in writing companies’ origin stories and narratives, but the most recent one came with an odd request – to obscure some names and details and couch them in more generic terms. I found this odd for two reasons. First, some of the details are readily available on the company’s website, and
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