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The ratio I use to write well

People are often amazed at how fast I write, but the truth is that it’s not the writing that takes the time – it’s the other 80% of the equation. It helps to think of writing as a 50:20:30 ratio. To write well, you need to think well, and that means time to plan, to
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5 ways to bust through writer’s block

Struggling to write content for your business? Can’t come up with any ideas? Here’s how to get some words on the page and not get bogged down by writer’s block: Write badly. Write anything. Bad writing can be fixed, but a blank page helps no one. Apply bum glue. Most of the time you just
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How to share your achievements on social media

So, you won an award, or received a compliment. You want to post about it on social media – you have your reasons. But how do you go about doing so without sounding like you’re bragging? Well, here’s what you don’t do – you don’t say, “I’m humbled …” Why? Well, if you really were
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Show up, don’t show off

You don’t need to post your own “thought leadership” articles to be regarded as a thought leader on LinkedIn. Yup, you heard me right – and I speak as someone who is hired every week to write these kinds of articles on behalf of other people. Wanna know why? Because you don’t set yourself apart
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Too many content cooks …

Pee Arrs, gather round – let’s talk proofreading quickly. Media releases are often a bit of a “production by committee” undertaking. Typically, a broad strokes brief is given, someone writes the piece, and then one or more others chip in. A release may go through several rounds of this, with people tweaking it at every
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