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Email like a boss

For a while, ‘inbox zero’ and the abolition of email were all the rage. That all seems to have died down now, as people realise that email is something of a necessary evil. And yet, so many of us still do it badly – not only on the writing and communication front, but on something
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Lose that lexicon of opacity and loquacity

I received an email today from an organisation I’m involved in. It was about an important new project and the aim of the email was to introduce the organisation’s clients to the project . Here’s the first paragraph (with some biographical details changed to protect the guilty): As our strategies begin to take shape, we
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5 tips for working with an editor

Most people outside of the media or literary worlds haven’t ever made use of an editor before (although they really should – not that I’m biased or anything…). But let’s say you’ve decided you do want someone to look over what you’ve written – to check that it flows well, that you haven’t left out too
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I hope this blog post finds you well

There’s a principle I was taught in journalism, and it’s this: it can be dangerous to ask a question in the introductory paragraph of your story, because readers might answer it very differently to the way you do – and most often, they’ll be facetious. I have that impulse when people send me an email
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Change the script

Houston, we have a problem – and it’s with the way most companies are running their social media accounts. Because customers are turning to Twitter accounts, in particular, for help – and most of the time that’s the last thing they get. What they get, instead, is an extension of the uselessness of the company’s
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