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How to share your achievements on social media

Illustration by AJ van den Heever

So, you won an award, or received a compliment. You want to post about it on social media – you have your reasons. But how do you go about doing so without sounding like you’re bragging? Well, here’s what you don’t do – you don’t say, “I’m humbled …”


Well, if you really were humbled, you’d be keeping the news to yourself. Usually, if people have to tell you they’re humble, authentic or spiritual, they aren’t.

Secondly, you’re venturing into the territory of the humblebrag – a statement that sounds modest or self-deprecating, but is really designed to draw attention to something you’re proud of.

So what should you say instead? Well, how do you feel? If you’re honoured, proud, thrilled, delighted, excited, grateful, surprised – use one of those words. They’re not boastful or arrogant – they’re honest. And people respond to honesty.

You’ve achieved something – own it. And use words that match the way you feel. That’s how you share your successes and build a reputation for authenticity – by telling the truth.


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