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Who we are

Mandy Collins has a B.Journ from Rhodes and a BA (Hons) in Sociolinguistics from UNISA. Her roots are in journalism, but she has spent more than 20 years writing and editing work across a wide range of genres, sectors and disciplines, and worked in the print and broadcast media, commercial and academic spheres. She is the author of a number of books, for children and adults, and has a passion for plain language and an approach that favours clear written communication with impact.

After a long career as a successful freelance writer, she has broadened her focus beyond writing for the media, noting that in all spheres of society, people write more than they ever did before, but don’t necessarily have the expertise and tools they require to write well, and with confidence.

Mandy’s experience as a writer and editor for the media and beyond, has left her not just with superb writing and editing skills, but the ability to strategise and formulate messaging in a way that simplifies complex ideas with great accuracy and impact. She has a deep understanding of content curation, and great empathy for the reader, ensuring that your communication lands exactly as it is intended to be understood. Furthermore, after years of briefing and commissioning writers, she has a network of specialist writers to call on, who have the requisite knowledge and understanding of a broad range of industries, and are eager to lend their talent to various content projects.

Mandy is driven by her passion for great writing – because in a world of information overload, great writing is what rises to the top of the pile. She loves nothing more than to produce content that is easy to read, engages its audience, and delivers a message that is persuasive, informative and valuable.