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Online Writing for Communicators

This nine-module course is perfect for juniors in the comms, public relations and marketing professions who want relevant, practical writing tools they will use every day. We cover the whole process of writing – from research through to editing, as well as basic news values, and to write for the media. Seven of the nine modules carry short assignments where you’ll get personalised feedback.


Module 1: Preparing to write

Before you write, you need to prepare – how to plan your writing, and conduct research and interviews.

Module 2: Understanding the media

If you’re writing for the media, it helps to understand how they work, what they need from you, and what will irritate you. We also look at news values so you can understand why some things are covered and others aren’t.

Module 3: Structuring your writing I (the shape of stories)

Here we look at how to figure out what information goes where and how to make it all flow nicely.

Module 4: Structuring your writing II

First impressions matter – which is why learning to write a strong intro is a non-negotiable. And once you have that, how do you write the rest of the piece?

Module 5: Words matter

Tips and tricks for choosing words that give your writing energy and clarity.

Module 6: Editing and revising

This is where the magic happens. Learn about the ABCs of great writing and how to achieve them through editing and revising.

Module 7: Language matters

Why accurate use of language matters, and some common errors that trip people up.

Module 8: Writing a release

How to write a great media release that has the best chance of being picked up.

Module 9: The business of emails

There’s an art to writing great emails that rise to the top of the deluge in other people’s inboxes. Learn how to get your structure, tone and language in the best shape.

Cost: R4 950