Mandy Collins & Associates

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“Tribeca Public Relations has asked Mandy to teach writing skills to our staff across all levels because we value her straightforward, no-nonsense, yet gentle approach, the relevance and practicality of her course matter, and the insights into media that she shares so generously.” – Kerry Haggard, Content Development Manager, Tribeca Public Relations

“Most companies struggle to communicate clearly. Mandy Collins cuts through verbosity to provide clear, concise communication that reaches all stakeholders. She has a rare skill to de-clutter in a cluttered world.” – Bruce Whitfield, award-winning financial journalist and host of The Money Show, 702

“Mandy Collins is an excellent writer and editor, with a sensitivity to getting the story right, and a diligence and commitment to content. I can recommend her without reservation for any project or to any organisation that values excellence, attention to detail and a meticulous appreciation for producing a quality product.” – Samantha Page, Group Editor Health, John Brown Media

“Mandy Collins & Associates is a reliable writing and content creation company that understands deadlines. Mandy is an experienced, well-respected wordsmith. Her service delivery over many years in different writing-related capacities has always been professional and on brief. She is a valued member of Twisted Toast’s independent network of specialist writers and content creators and it is with surety that we recommend her.” – Kim Browne, CEO, Twisted Toast

“I have had the privilege of working with Mandy on several social video projects for our key clients. Her ability to work off sometimes flimsy briefs, providing brilliant work every time, is nothing short of outstanding. Her sharp mind, command of language and sense of humour make working with her a pleasure.

“She is my go-to copywriter for our major, and even minor, projects. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.” – James Lennox, CEO and Founder, MILK+SUGAR