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Module 1: Modern business correspondence. We all have views on what constitutes good business writing. This module looks at what is required in the new business world and challenges any antiquated beliefs you may be clinging to. (Core module)

Module 2: Preparing to write a report. Prepare well and your report will write itself. This module explores the important steps you need to take before you begin to write.

Module 3: Structuring your writing. Turn old notions about structure on their head – learn how to get to the point quickly and use techniques from professional writers to get your message across. (Core module)

Module 4: Secrets of great business writing. These are the nuts and bolts of good writing –word economy, things to avoid, getting to the point, and using plain English instead of ancient, jargon-filled, opaque writing. (Core module)

Module 5: Five steps to great report writing. This module looks at the five steps you need to follow to ensure your report does the job, as well as some important points on writing, re-writing and why people should read your report in the first place.

Module 6: Make the right impression. No matter how well your report is written, it needs to be presented well if it’s going to seem attractive to the reader. Here are some tips on layout, grammar, spelling and punctuation, all of which need to be in place. But don’t worry – this is nothing like going back to school; it’s just help with some common errors, with helpful tips and pointers. (Core module)

Module 7: The business of e-mails. E-mails have revolutionised the workplace, but they’re also abused, badly written and sent off in too much haste. Here are some pointers for powerful e-mail writing. (Core module)

Module 8: Generate your own press releases. Not everyone can afford a PR agency. We look at what journalists want, a little about how news decisions are made, and give you some tips and tools for writing your own press releases.

Module 9: Bad writing and your brand. Company employees produce a lot of writing on a daily basis and even the smallest badly-written e-mail can damage your brand. Here’s why good business writing is so important, plus we give you some tips for writing for social media, including blogs and company newsletters. (Core module)

Module 10: Some final pointers. We remind you of the most important points we’ve covered, and tie everything up in a neat little bundle. (Core module)


A. Business Writing Core Modules

Module 1: Modern business correspondence
Module 3: Structuring your writing
Module 4: Secrets of great business writing
Module 6: Make the right impression
Module 7: The business of e-mail
Module 9: Bad writing and your brand/social media
Module 10: Some final pointers

Cost: R5 750

B. Business Writing including Report Writing

If you need help with report writing specifically we add the following two modules to the seven core modules:

Module 2: Preparing to write a report
Module 5: Five steps to great report writing

Cost: R7 290

C. Core Business Writing including Writing a Press Release

For those who want help with press releases we add the following module to the seven core modules:

Module 8: Generating your own press releases

Cost: R6 520

D. Comprehensive Business Writing package

Includes all 10 modules.

Cost: R7 700