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About 90 percent of good writing is in the edit. Even the best novelists write several drafts before they even submit a manuscript to a publisher – who edits it again. Newspaper articles are edited several times over by several different people before they make it onto the printed page.

And yet, many people simply dash off a document and send it on its way. And I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen errors on signs for businesses, signs that must have cost a fortune to produce.

Editing something doesn’t just mean that you fix any grammar, spelling or punctuation marks. It improves the writing in a number of ways by ensuring the meaning is accurate and the article flows naturally. That it makes sense and is sensible. And it’s a relatively small step that reaps great results when the end product becomes something that is effective.

I’ve edited magazine articles, Master’s and PhD theses, novels, non-fiction books – all kinds of things, so chances are, I can help to improve whatever document you’ve been working on.

I’m also a really pernickety and pedantic proofreader – which is precisely the kind of proofreader you need, trust me. (Clearly I also have a problem with alliteration…)

If you’re not sure about the difference between editing and proofreading, here’s something I wrote to explain.

And if you need help with some quality control, please be in touch for a quote.