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Find the news

Find the news – and if there isn’t any, abandon that press release. Yes, you heard me. Put it in the bin. The reason your press releases aren’t getting any traction in the mainstream media isn’t because you’re not trying hard enough. It isn’t because journalists are mean (although, given how often you nag them,
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One way I can tell that you stole that content

There’s a common mistake local influencers and content writers make – and I can spot it a mile away. Many don’t “localise” the content – they retain words, spellings and phrases that aren’t used in South Africa. When I see that, I simply plug the text into Google, and up pops the original. Localising content
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Stop telling me about your tagline

Let’s talk taglines. They are useful marketing tools, and a pithy way to express your company’s value proposition, but when I review marketing material I often see this kind of construction: “Our company tagline, which is ‘blah blah blah’ speaks to our …” No. Just no. Use your tagline to brand things, as a kind
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Why you need to stop saying “All protocols observed.”

I received a speech for review the other day, with the customary acknowledgment of all the dignitaries present at the beginning of the sppech, followed by that phrase you hear so often in South African speeches: “All protocols observed.” Here’s why you shouldn’t be using it. It’s become customary to use this phrase in South
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