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Sticking to the script

Look, I know you like to ensure your key messaging is going out exactly the way you crafted it, but if it’s annoying your clients, that’s counter-productive. Remember that communication isn’t just about what you say – it’s about what the receiver on the other end of the communication hears too.

Scripting responses – whether on email, social media or through your call centre – can help to standardise things, but do build in some flexibility, or you start to sound robotic. And train your staff to match those responses well – to respond like humans, in other words.

Because as a customer of other businesses yourself, surely you know just how annoying it can be to get a response that doesn’t really address what you’ve enquired or complained about. Why would you give your own customers the same experience?

And while I’m on the topic, if your company uses online chats to deal with queries, check out those scripts too, and train your chatters to read! The number of times you’re asked to input information while you wait for a person to address your query, and then the first thing they ask you when they do arrive online, is for the self-same information … It’s super irritating.

All it does is make your customers – or potential customers – feel like you’re not listening, or that they’re not important. And there’s a world of choice out there – you risk chasing them to your competitors, where they might have a better experience and feel more heard.


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