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Tips for email sign-offs

Not sure how to sign off that email? The answer is – it depends.
Before you write any business communication, you should always think about its purpose – and its intended reader. And that will help you to find the right words.
Sometimes you need a “thanks”. Sometimes “kind regards” is the ticket. Sometimes it’s “best wishes” or if you have space to be really informal, “cheers”.
Sign-offs aren’t things you can really boilerplate into your signature if you want them to have impact and meaning. And just as you wouldn’t say, “I love you” as you walk out of your local bakery, for instance, (although, if the bread is really good …) you don’t want to sign off an email to the CEO with “cheers”.
Think about what you’re writing, why you’re writing it, and who you’re writing it to. Think about how it will be received. And then wave goodbye with an appropriate greeting for that situation.


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