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How to write great advertorials

I edit a lot of advertorial/sponsored content, and for the most part, it’s awful.

The mistake most people make, is to use a tone and style that belongs in a sales brochure – it’s over-hyped, hard sell type stuff, and it’s offputting in the extreme.

The trick, to write great advertorial, first, is to think ‘topic’ not ‘product’. Mention your product or service, of course, but do it in a way that shows how you solve problems for people. You know the rule – show, don’t tell!

Second, drop all of the over-the-top superlatives and adjectives. You know – how your product is unique and innovative. Everyone says that; they can’t all be right. Show people how it works and it should demonstrate all of that.

Finally, get your advertorial’s tone and style as close to the editorial tone and style as possible – whether it’s a print publication, or online. Study the way they write, and try to do the same. It’ll give your piece greater credibility, because most readers will think the publication or platform has covered you – and not that you’ve had to pay for the space.


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