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Quick! Before you send that email, read this!

Next time you’re poised to hit ‘send’ on that email, stop for just one moment.

You’ve said what you want to say, but that’s only one half of the communication transaction. Have you considered what the reader needs to get out of your email?

What is the purpose of the email? Do you just need to catch them up on something, or do you need them to do something for you? Are trying to inform, educate, inspire, or persuade? And does the email do that job?

Do they have all the information they need in order for the email to do its job? Have you given them enough info or too little?

And finally, how long is it? Because if it’s more than five or six sentences, you might want to consider picking up the phone. Most people aren’t going to bother to scroll down through your lengthy essay.

Successful communication works best when it’s designed to work for both the transmitter and the receiver – make sure you set yours up to do more than just get the information off your chest.


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