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The ratio I use to write well

People are often amazed at how fast I write, but the truth is that it’s not the writing that takes the time – it’s the other 80% of the equation. It helps to think of writing as a 50:20:30 ratio.

To write well, you need to think well, and that means time to plan, to research, to consider your audience and their needs, to ensure you’ve really got to grips with the subject. That’s about 50% of the job.

The drafting of words on the page should take about 20% of your time, and they really don’t have to be perfect. You just need things to be roughly in the right shape.

And then comes the final 30% – the editing, which is actually where the real writing happens. Always remember that writing is a craft, not an art. If you take the time to refine it, to move things around and get rid of the extraneous words and content, you will produce the kind of writing that others want to read.

It’s as easy as 50:20:30!


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