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5 ways to bust through writer’s block

Struggling to write content for your business? Can’t come up with any ideas? Here’s how to get some words on the page and not get bogged down by writer’s block:

  1. Write badly. Write anything. Bad writing can be fixed, but a blank page helps no one.
  2. Apply bum glue. Most of the time you just need to sit there long enough, and something will occur to you.
  3. Think about why you are struggling, and see if there’s a way you can solve the problem for other people by writing about it.
  4. Consider the FAQs that come in via business enquiries. What are people asking for help with? Answer some of those questions.
  5. When in doubt, create a list – like “5 ways to bust through writer’s block”. Seems to have worked for me. 😉


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