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When you’re stuck in a content rut

Producing content to market your business can be exhausting – you’re constantly having to come up with new ideas to say the same thing, essentially, and there’s never any end in sight. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re stuck in a content rut, and not getting the engagement you want.

1. Could you post less often? Sometimes quality is a better strategy than quantity.

2. Could you repurpose longer items into several shorter items? People don’t have time to read 2,000-word articles or even watch two-minute videos.

3. Are you making it easy for people to consume? Many people don’t scroll down to the rest of a long email, or don’t want to navigate away to another site. Make it easy.

4. Are you giving them something valuable, even if it’s a tiny hint or tip? Or are you just blowing your own trumpet? The first is much more likely to get engagement.

5. Do you have a great hook? Think about headlines that prompt you to read something – can you write something catchy, provocative or slightly cheeky to draw people in? Just make sure you deliver on any promises.

6. Have a place to jot down ideas – you think you’ll remember, but you won’t. Capture them immediately.

Be patient – people are overwhelmed by content, and they may have scrolled past for reasons that have nothing to do with what you’ve posted.

Forget the numbers, and keep providing excellent value, and somewhere down the line, your consistency and the value you offer will start to reap rewards.


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