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I’m no design expert, but I do know about reading – and about people. And I know that we read more than we’ve ever been expected to read, and that most of us are overloaded with content – from social media, outdoor advertising, lamp poles, the cereal box. It seems impossible to escape.

Which is why you need to make your content easy to consume – and navigate. And that means designing it carefully.

One of the best examples of this is emails – and especially email newsletters. Both of these need to be designed in such a way that when that email opens, I can see at a glance whether there’s something in it that’s worth my time.

Because I guarantee you that if your average reader who’s already struggling with their email overload opens your newsletter and sees your logo and the same banner they saw last week, they’re going to do one thing – hit ‘delete’ and move on to the next thing.

So think about the layout of the first screen of that newsletter very carefully – what can you do to attract readers? Can you put a digest of headlines, hyperlinked? Can you write a short blurb that says, “In this week’s newsletter …” and give some bullet points that might encourage people to scroll down?

And that’s just on desktop – what’s going to happen if they open that mail on a phone? Designing that page is vital if you want people to engage with that content you’ve lovingly curated and crafted. Otherwise, what’s the point?


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