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Why writing isn’t a soft skill

I spend a good part of my time training business people to write. But by far the most rewarding part of my job is working with leaders in the C-suite to polish their written communication.

As leaders, executives are tasked with influencing, inspiring and rallying their teams. Their ability to do this depends on their ability to communicate well. And that’s why executive communication shouldn’t be left to amateurs.

Professional writers know how to extract the ideas from a leader’s head and express it in a way that not only sounds like the leader in question, but also connects with the intended audience. They also know how to choose precisely the right word or phrase to express something clearly, without ambiguity. And they know that your communication skills can also make or break your credibility.

A leader who can’t communicate well, can’t inspire or empower their team – which can have an effect on both productivity and the bottom line.

So find a writer who can work to polish your written communication – your keynotes, presentations, strategy documents and even your emails and memos to staff. You have important things to say: it’s worth saying them as well as you possibly can.


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