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Don’t play it again, Sam*

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There’s a crucial mistake in many content strategies and I see it all the time.

One topic seems to get the most engagement, so brands or individuals bang on about that endlessly, or constantly try to shoehorn unrelated topics into being relevant to that topic.

It may get you a great deal of engagement – but it also turns you into a crashing bore. And soon you’ll be inducing eyerolls in those who do follow you, which I assume is not what you’re after.

Take your cue from magazine editors and see your product, service or expertise as the multi-faceted thing it is. Even a niche magazine – like a health magazine, for instance – might feature “pure” health stories – but it also has fashion features about workout gear, or travel stories about where to take more active holidays.

So tease out a variety of topics, and cycle through them. Use the ones that garner engagement to attract people to your brand, but then give them more than they bargained for, whiile still giving them enough of the topic that attracted them in the first place.

You know how your family sighs as soon as Great Uncle Henry starts going on about his experiences during the war? That’s what you’re doing to your audience when engagement alone drives your content strategy.

* Yes, I am aware that I am misquoting Casablanca.


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