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Find the news – and if there isn’t any, abandon that press release. Yes, you heard me. Put it in the bin.

The reason your press releases aren’t getting any traction in the mainstream media isn’t because you’re not trying hard enough. It isn’t because journalists are mean (although, given how often you nag them, who can blame them?). It’s because you don’t understand what news is – and you haven’t taken the time to educate your client accordingly.

News is conflict – war, death, famine and disaster are obvious examples. It can be conflict in the boardroom, or on the sports field. But in all situations, it’s about something that disturbs the balance in a particular setting.

Your client’s “unique”, “innovative”, “disruptive” product or service isn’t news. In fact – if you have to tell me it’s any of those things, it probably isn’t any of them. Because when it comes to those qualities, the news generates itself.

If you want the media to cover you, you need to understand news, and be able to find it. I can help with that – I can teach you how to write your releases better, or I can do it for you.

Educating your client and getting them to trust your judgement is up to you.


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