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Excellent is good enough

I have bad news for you: your content will never be perfect. It can be excellent. It can better than all of your competitors’ content. It will never be perfect.

Why? Because first, writing is a craft, not a science – you can tinker with something almost indefinitely, and you will always be able to find something to improve. I’ve written a brace of books, and they have remained with their spines uncracked on my office shelf – because I know if I open them, I’ll see things I could have done better.

On a more practical note, however, that video script you’re agonising over that every Tom, Dick and Harriet in the company wants to add their five cents’ worth to? Most people won’t even watch it to the end. And if they do, they’ll be left with an impression – which they’ll probably forget in the hurly-burly of their day. They’re not going to remember individual word choices.

On the off-chance that your press release is published as is, it may be trimmed by a sub-editor. Readers will probably skim it. They’ll get the gist and move on.

Should you pay attention to accuracy? Absolutely. Should you check that your grammar and spelling are on point or ask a professional editor to look it over for you? Of course! I’m not suggesting you slap your content together. But at some point, you have to let it go. It’s good enough. And good enough is good enough.


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