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Digital isn’t different – your audience still wants quality content

I have a colleague who’s noticed an interesting thing – his Gen Z kids don’t distinguish between digital and traditional media. To them it’s all media, and those of us in the business of content need to take note.

Consumers aren’t worrying about where they read or watch something. They simply consume the content, and judge it on its quality. There’s enough evidence now to show that what really drives engagement is well-written, informative, useful content, rather than that dumbed-down, machine-like SEO writing that offers very little.

That means your content – wherever you plan to distribute it – needs a few fundamental pillars:

  • It must answer the question: “So what?”
  • It must grab the reader’s attention immediately – and keep it.
  • The audience must feel that reading or watching it was time well spent.
  • The audience must get something out of it.
  • If you want them to do something – you need to make it easy.
  • Its “production values” must be good – pay attention to the details.

A quality over quantity approach is going to send your content to the top of the pile – and good quality is worth paying for. Make sure you hire the right person for the job.


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