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One way I can tell that you stole that content

There’s a common mistake local influencers and content writers make – and I can spot it a mile away.

Many don’t “localise” the content – they retain words, spellings and phrases that aren’t used in South Africa. When I see that, I simply plug the text into Google, and up pops the original.

Localising content you have paid for (either bought, or commissioned) is a small tweak that can make it more friendly for local audiences, and there’s no harm in that – in fact, I’d encourage it.

Lifting or cobbling text from the internet without due credit – or payment – to the originator, is plagiarism. Let me be blunt – it’s theft. And it could land you in hot water.

It’s always safer – and more honest – to hire someone to produce original content for you, that’s location appropriate, and pay them to do so. Sometimes, cutting corners can be very, very expensive.


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