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Before and after

BEFORE the CEO’s keynote address came my way, it had all the hallmarks of a good first draft, and loads of potential.

But there were issues:

  • Long, complex sentences.
  • Strings of clichés.
  • Mixed metaphors.

Most worryingly, a reference to the company’s gender equity programme carried the tone of, “Look at us! Look at what we did to help the poor, weak wimmens!”

The content was good; the tone was all wrong.

AFTER the CEO’s keynote address came my way, it bore the hallmarks of a great speech:

  • Language that was easy on the ear.
  • Sentences that were easy to deliver.
  • Eloquent but simple phrasing.
  • Effective storytelling.
  • Sensitivity.

And it was very well received.

Great speechwriting is both an art and a craft. The right words, the right skills and a fresh eye can take a speech from good to great, from before to after. And that’s why it pays to work with a pro.


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