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Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

The simplest model of communication has a few very basic elements – a sender, a receiver, a message and a medium. And the goal is just as simple – that the message that lands, is identical to the message sent.

Like many things, it’s simple, but not easy. And where much written communication fails, is in the writer (or sender) disregarding the receiver, or reader. Communication, you see, works best when it’s unselfish and empathetic – when it considers the needs of the receiver and what they need to learn, understand, or be persuaded of. Your writing will improve when you learn to walk a mile in the reader’s shoes.

So next time you’re struggling to write something, ask yourself two simple questions: 1. Who am I writing to? 2. What do they need out of this piece of writing? That should give you the launching point you’re looking for.



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