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Make a note

This is not the blog post I’d planned to write – if I’d taken the advice I give many of my clients, I’d be writing something completely different. I had a brilliant idea for this blog post a couple of days ago, I forgot to write it down, and now it’s gone.

So this post is somewhat more pedestrian in content than the original one might have been, and the advice might seem obvious, but if you’re in charge of the company newsletter or blog – or some other content platform – and you have a great idea, do make a note somewhere you can find again.

I am partial to a notebook and pen, or my trusty Evernote app – you may have other means of recording things you need to remember. Whatever you prefer, when you have that lightbulb moment, record it straight away. Our heads are so full of to-do lists and demands, that ideas can quickly get lost in the circuitry. Make a note – and you’ll never be stuck, as I was, for something to write about.


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